Book Descrip­tion

In this whim­si­cal ABC book in Span­ish each let­ter is rep­re­sented by an ani­mal which in turn intro­duces the next.

This book rep­re­sents the play­ful rhymes that young chil­dren thor­oughly enjoy. It will be a delight­ful way of mak­ing young chil­dren aware of ini­tial letter/sound cor­re­la­tion, of indi­vid­ual let­ters, of the ABC, and of the names of many animals.

The excel­lent illus­tra­tion by María de Jesús Álvarez, and the clever rhymes, makes this a book to be enjoyed by all.

Author’s Note

Ani­mals were a very impor­tant part of my life and of my children’s lives. This is why it is not sur­pris­ing that so many of my books are pop­u­lated by animals.

I enjoy clever rhymes and delight when I see how much chil­dren appre­ci­ate them.

This play­ful book will invite them to antic­i­pate which can be the next ani­mal and a word that rhymes with the animal’s name is always the clue.

It always give me great sat­is­fac­tion when I can have a book pub­lished that gives chil­dren joy while allow­ing them to enrich their vocab­u­lary, acquire new con­cepts, and become stronger readers.

I hope this play­ful book will do just that.

And what a joy that it would have such beau­ti­ful illus­tra­tions by María Jesús Álvarez, who had already illus­trated Cel­e­bra un Pow­Wow con Sandy Star­bright / Cel­e­brate a Pow Wow with Sandy Star­bright, one of the books from the Cuen­tos para cel­e­brar / Sto­ries to Cel­e­brate series.


This book can cor­re­late to my other ABC books: Abecedario de los ani­males, Coral y espuma: Abecedario del mar, and Gath­er­ing the Sun.

Other books with rhymes are: Me gus­taría tener / How Happy I Would Be and Una extraña visita / Strange Vis­i­tors.

A book that also offers pre­dic­tion sup­ported by the rhyme is ¿Quién nac­erá aquí? / Who’s Hatch­ing Here?


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