Spanish Literacy Strategies for Young Learners

Spanish Literacy Strategies for Young Learners


Emer­gent Lit­er­acy is the pre­cur­sor for the devel­op­ment of con­ven­tional lit­er­acy. It is the emer­gent behav­iors chil­dren attain as they are con­sis­tently exposed to mul­ti­ple authen­tic and rel­e­vant oppor­tu­ni­ties in con­ver­sa­tions, lis­ten­ing and respond­ing to sto­ries, writ­ing and pur­pose­ful play.

Lit­er­acy is con­ven­tional (for­mal) read­ing and writ­ing as it is used for means of daily com­mu­ni­ca­tion. It is lan­guage that devel­ops through con­sis­tent expo­sure to var­i­ous gen­res of lit­er­a­ture which have resound­ing themes that are authen­tic and rel­e­vant to per­sonal experiences.

This book presents a com­pre­hen­sive intro­duc­tion to lit­er­acy. It dis­cuses the impor­tance of home lan­guage devel­op­ment and how to acquire lit­er­acy nat­u­rally. It pro­vides an overview of meth­ods and how skills are trans­ferred from one lan­guage to another (Span­ish to English).

Table of Contents

  • Prin­ci­ples of literacy
  • Foun­da­tions for literacy
  • The syl­labic struc­ture of Spanish
  • Intro­duc­ing the syllables
  • Span­ish Sto­ries for Early learners
  • Resources